We invite all parents of Snow Creek Elementary School students to join our PTO each year. It is free to join the PTO. Meeting dates are posted on ClassDojo

The PTO is parents, teachers and staff coming together  to discuss what’s going on with our school and how the PTO can enhance any experience that may affect our children. You do not have to commit to anything. We do not force you to volunteer or attend meetings, everything is at-will. However, the more voices and opinions that are heard, the better and expansive the ideas can be. This is a great chance to become part of something positive and exciting. 

Get connected

This is the best way to get connected with your child’s school. The PTO keeps parents apprised of what’s going with the school, activities, and events after school and outside of school, things going on with the school. 

Tap into the community

Most PTO functions happen outside of school hours and involve parents as well. This is a great opportunity for you to meet other parents and members of the community. This will build rapport and allow you to discuss issues that are on your mind. You can share ideas, concerns, and experiences. 

Watch yourself grow

By volunteering with the PTO, you can put your skills and hobbies to use to help your child’s school in various ways.  

The ability to speak up

By joining the PTO, it can be an outlet for you to speak up and effectively suggest change at Snow Creek. 

Witness Improvement

When you get involved with the PTO, you’ll become part of the solution and help make positive changes. The Snow Creek PTO plays an important role in the school operations by supporting building improvements, helping teachers obtain the supplies they need, and fundraising for curriculum-based programs and social/family events. 

Be a role model!

By becoming a PTO member, your child will see the importance you place on education and their school.  

Join the PTO